It’s no secret that we are at the top of what we do as the leading medical products and service provider in the UAE.

Biorus was established in 2020, and ever since, we have been providing diagnostic and research laboratory services across the United Arab Emirates and the MENA. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of leading global healthcare brands offering best-in-class products and solutions – ranging from diagnostics across all areas of Molecular, Toxicology and Microbiology, to life sciences that are at par with technological and research advancements. Furthermore, we are into more specialized and advanced solutions including quality assurance and infertility.


To become the most trusted laboratory solutions partner across the Middle East.


To empower the field of diagnostics in the Middle East and advance research for better health solutions with the help of tailored and efficient solutions.

Our Values

We have a set of core values that we adhere to in every action that we take across every aspect of our operations. We believe these are the values that will lead us to sustainable success in our industry.


We encourage creative freedom of expression, experimentation, and innovation.


We abide by the principles of complete honesty and transparency across all our operations.


We take ownership of our actions and are transparent with our operations.


We work for the people and the environment as well. We are responsible for their sustained development.


Every action we take is led by a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, as we make each member feel like part of a complete whole.


Listening, Understanding, and Executing are our priorities. We stand by our clients through thick and thin.

OUR Leadership

This is our team, right from the top leadership, and executives. We are a diverse range of multinational, multicultural, and multiethnic groups of individuals all working towards a common goal.

Ahmad Shweiki

General Manager

Ahmad Shweiki: A distinguished healthcare & diagnostics specialist with 15+ years' experience, including roles at leading companies like Beckman Coulter. Holding a Bachelor's in Genetic Engineering & Tech and a Harvard Entrepreneurship certificate, he has been Team Lead, Sales Manager, & Commercial Manager, and is driven to make a substantial impact in healthcare.

Abdullah Alsiyed

Sales Manager

Abdullah Alsiyed:A driven, responsible, and results-oriented sales expert with strong healthcare background and 10+ years in diagnostics. Demonstrating exceptional skill in identifying customer needs and delivering tailored solutions, his sales expertise and dedication to excellent service makes him an invaluable asset in the healthcare and diagnostics industry.

Shibu Rajan

Technical Manager

Shibu Rajan: A clinical diagnostics expert, with over 20+ years of experience across hematology, biochemistry, pathology, & microbiology. His career features work with cutting-edge techniques & equipment in diagnostic labs. His vast knowledge & hands-on experience make him an invaluable diagnostics authority.

Our Team

Managers and Head of Departments

Hozyafa AlShorman

Informatics Manager

Zandri Van Der Merwe

Office Manager

Maria Asmar

Senior Marketing Specialist

Haitham Salama Ahmed Ibrahim

Business Development Manager - Oman

Emy George

Product Development Manager

Abdalla Taha

Life Science-Business Development Manager

Azita Sirani

Supply Chain Manager

Mark Anthony Azores

Senior Accountant

Commercial Professionals & Technical Specialists

Anas Idlibi

Technical Specialist

Mohammad Ali Hawi

Senior Application Specialist

Roumi Matar

Senior Product Specialist

Amanda Toumieh

Senior Medical Scientific Liaison

Nafissa Benhamadi

Application Lead

Dr. Mahmoud Hag Ali

Scientific Consultant

Ibrahim Salih

Life Science - Project Manager

Sara Abdelrahman

Product Specialist

Rida Arshad

Product Specialist

Hiba Radi

Medical Liaison

Mohammed Kamal

Field Technical Engineer

Mohammad Hassan Jaafar

Life Science - Technical Application Lead

Abdulazeez Omar Al-Muslim

Field Technical Engineer

Commercial Excellence

Aseel Abdel Rahman

Commercial Excellence Lead

Thais De Almeida Gouveia

Commercial Operations Specialist

Aya Awad

Life Science - Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Biju Basil Thomas

Commercial Excellence Lead

Admin Team

Rychell Arcega

Regulatory Officer

Ahmad Salah

Logistics Assistant

Chester Anoba Viray

Accounting Assistant


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