The Accelerate Arc is designed to revolutionize laboratory processes by utilizing its patented technology to purify samples from positive blood cultures in a span of 60 minutes, enabling them to be used on MALDI instruments for quick identification- Get faster results, Save more lives.

Reduce batching, increase efficiency.

With a prefilled kit and load-and-go workflow, you can minimize batching and cut hours off your wait for ID results for positive blood cultures.

How about freeing up tech time?

Just 2-3 minutes of hands-on time is all it takes for an Accelerate Arc™ module. Now it's simple enough to perform ID by direct MALDI across all shifts.


Powerfully paired for blood culture.

Get the most from your workflow by pairing an automated, inexpensive rapid MALDI ID with rapid AST.

Already have a rapid molecular ID?

Imagine what you could do now that your MALDI is easy to use direct from blood culture.

Your total cost to rapidly identify organisms from blood cultures could be at least 50% less than what you’re paying today for a rapid molecular ID solution. Automated rapid clean-up from an Accelerate Arc module and BC kit closes the gap between blood cultures and direct MALDI ID.

For some labs, roughly 30% of rapid molecular tests turn up as contaminants. A direct MALDI ID could allow for more selective workflows with fewer wasted kits.


Automated pipettor & centrifuge device that enables concentration and cleanup of specimens

In vitro sample prep kit containing general laboratory reagents to prepare positive blood cultures for direct transfer to MALDI plate for organism ID

2-3 min (Accelerate Arc BC kit ONLY)
< 12 min (entire workflow including MALDI)

1 sample/module; 1-8 modules per system with random access

43cm H x 15cm W x 49cm D (17” H x 6” W x 20” D) per module

Open bench; does not need to be placed in a biosafety cabinet

Just over an hour

1.7 ± 0.2 mL of positive blood culture

200 uL (approx.) of cleaned microbial suspension for direct transfer to the MALDI spotting plate

Room temperature (15° – 30° C)