The ARIES® System is designed to optimize laboratory functions, secure trustworthy results, and fit seamlessly into today’s lean laboratory. This sample-to-answer, real-time PCR system allows labs to be in charge of the entire sample-to-answer testing procedure, from sample accessioning through result reporting.


Varying Testing Platforms

Assays are often run on different instruments which crowds valuable bench space and makes it difficult to keep staff trained on all the instruments. Physicians want an expanded test menu, but labs often do not have the space needed for the variety of equipment.

Limited Laboratory Staff

Laboratory technicians trained in highly complex molecular techniques are increasingly hard to find. This limits the lab’s ability to validate and use high-complexity molecular assays.

Physicians Demand Faster Results

Sending samples out to central or reference labs and saving tests to run in large batches can delay the results for days.

Large Volumes of Reports

Labs need to manage and store a large volume of reports and binders which consume valuable lab space.

Difficulty Managing Testing Across the Network

Satellite labs often use different testing methods than the central lab, making lab testing and QC hard to compare and manage.



Load the sample into the cassette.


Insert up to six cassettes into the magazine.


Insert the magazines into the instrument and initiate run.


Review and release results.

Designed For
Improved Workflow

  • Narrowest footprint of any sample-to-answer platform
  • Touchscreen integrated into the system
  • Multiple instruments can be run side by side to increase throughput

  • Five IVD assays available at or near launch, and multiple IVD assays per year thereafter
  • Open platform that can accommodate LDTs
  • User-defined protocols can be exported to satellite labs and used by technicians with limited experience

  • Simple operation and minimal hands-on time frees up technicians, enabling placement of ARIES both in central laboratories and satellite labs
  • Universal sample extraction and assay conditions enable up to 12 different tests to be run simultaneously, even with different sample types and assay targets
  • “Random Batch” design provides run flexibility, capacity, and turnaround time
  • 48 cassettes in 8-hour shift of any assay combination using the same universal conditions
  • Integrates with Laboratory Information System (LIS) to streamline reporting

  • ARIES may help increase overall service levels to the hospital, doctors, and patients
  • Minimizes user error with sample-to-answer workflow, barcode data entry, and simple