LabVantage diagnostics pre-packaged solutions are purpose-built for diagnostics workflows. It is a flexible, scalable system with rich capabilities that enable you to work seamlessly with clients requesting testing and results. Built on the foundation of LabVantage 8 - the most modern LIMS available, the pre-configured functionality enables you to immediately start managing your scientific and business processes much more efficiently.

Easily configure the system based on your unique science and business processes, ensuring greater efficiencies.

Adapt and scale the system as your business grows, maintaining support for your laboratory over time thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

All the features and functionalities are pre-configured to support diagnostics workflows and scientific and business processes – without coding.

Handle submission, review, testing and release of externally submitted samples.

Manage reagents, standards and other laboratory consumable lifecycles.

Restrict unauthorized access to patient data and comply with CAP/CLIA requirements.

Manage samples through their entire lifespan with end-to-end traceability.

Interface with most networkable instruments including liquid handling equipment.

View all your key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance.

Manage handling and processing of plates, gels & other arrays in high-throughput environments.

Manage the inventory of biological samples and quickly locate the samples.

Easy-to-use designer to model laboratory processes in the system.

On-demand reporting and data visualization using industry-standard tools.