Preclinical analysis is the last and most crucial step in any research scope. Guaranteeing the stability of the genome and microbiome of the selected animal under investigation is vital besides its growth under optimal conditions with minimal physical variants.

Our Cages Solution Tecniplast Group

Tecniplast Group, a leading company in the lab animal industry since 1949, designs, manufactures and distributes equipment for vivaria. Located in Italy, they offer the most comprehensive product portfolio, ranging from housing systems to laminar flow cabinets, washing equipment, and automation to decontamination services – all tied together by logistics products, monitoring, and analysis platforms.

Individually ventilated Cages

To ensure the ultimate protection of the studied rodents as well as the operator with the implementation of individually ventilated cages and air handling unit with an integrated HEPA filter.

Our Sterilization Solution Gruenberg

Gruenberg, a division of Thermal Product Solutions LLC (TPS), is recognized as a global leader in the design, manufacture, and after-market support of a comprehensive line of lab-animal-science sterilizers, Based in the USA, the Gruenberg Oven Company was founded in 1932 and is one of the oldest brands under the TPS umbrella.

Dry heat sterilizer

Dry heat sterilizers are used for the decontamination of all forms of microbial life, such as bacteria, viruses, and spores. Dry heat sterilizers use convection airflow and dry heat is delivered to the items being sterilized. The heat is absorbed by the item being sterilized and reaches the proper temperature needed to achieve sterilization.

Our Rodents Support Partner Janvier Labs

Janvier Labs is an independent family-owned business established in 1960 by Roger Janvier in France. It grew to become an international company that is among the world leaders in the production of laboratory rodents and associated services. Janvier Labs was the first French business to obtain ISO 9001 certification for all areas of its work back in 2000. It has Europe’s largest and most modern rodent breeding facility and the most qualified transgenic service specialists.

Support with

To provide researchers with models of high genetic quality, Janvier Labs developed genetic management based on modern breeding management tools such as cryopreservation and embryo revitalization.

To ensure the genetic homogeneity of the strains delivered to the end user, at the end of 10 generations replication maximum from the cryopreserved nucleus, production is stopped in order to start a new one from the cryopreserved nucleus. When replacing breeders of a laboratory rodent population, all the breeders in that population must be replaced.

Microbiota has become an essential parameter for the success of animal experimentation. Thus, Janvier Labs introduces the microbiota from the first-generation mother, making sure that it will be transmitted to all production generations without deviation.