ESCM Accelerate Workshop

Accelerate Pheno– The Revolutionary Diagnosis Tool for Critical Septic Neonates

On 8th December 2022 at ESCM, BIORUS was proud to host a workshop on the “Experience of Physicians using Accelerate Pheno at their Hospitals” where Prof. Waleed Abuhammour from Jalila Hospital talked about the detrimental effects of antimicrobial resistance in his patients and how Accelerate Pheno has enabled him to save the lives of critical septic neonates. Developed by Accelerate Diagnostics, the Accelerate Pheno has already saved the lives of two critical sepsis patients during its one-year evaluation period.

Accelerate is designed to identify the presence of sepsis in neonates. Sepsis is a life-threatening infection that causes organ failure and death in newborns. Early detection is key to successful treatment, and Pheno is designed to provide fast and accurate results that allow healthcare providers to start treatment as soon as possible.

At the workshop, Prof. Waleed discussed the features of the Accelerate Pheno and how it can be used to diagnose critical septic neonates. He explained that the Pheno, giving the ID and AST all within 7 hours has drastically helped reduce the time to optimal therapy, thus reducing the length of stay of the patient and eventually helped tackle the issue of antimicrobial resistance at the hospital in order to maximize the chances of a successful outcome.

Of the two cases that Prof. Waleed mentioned, the Accelerate Pheno was able to give the right antibiotic with the MIC within 7 hours of administering the empirical therapy. As noticed by the physician, the condition of the patient got significantly better due to the Pheno giving the right antimicrobial therapy at the right time.

Overall, it was an informative workshop with Prof. Waleed discussing the features of Accelerate and how it can help healthcare providers diagnose critical septic neonates. BIORUS is confident that the Accelerate Pheno will revolutionize the way sepsis is diagnosed and treated in neonates and lead to improved outcomes.