Artificial Intelligence and Informatics leverage biomedical informatics with AI to improve the spectrum of solutions made available today. From pre-packaged solutions to speed-up processes to Laboratory Information System (LIS) that seamlessly integrates all medical laboratory disciplines, this division offers future-ready solutions.

Our AI & Informatics partner LabVantage

Labvantage brings a flexible, scalable system with rich capabilities that enable you to work seamlessly with clients requesting testing and results.

Pre-Packaged Solutions

Easily configure the system based on your unique science and business processes, ensuring greater efficiencies.

Adapt and scale the system as your business grows, maintaining support for your laboratory over time thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

All the features and functionalities are pre-configured to support diagnostics workflows and scientific and business processes – without coding.

Everything you needpacked into one

Handle submission, review, testing and release of externally submitted samples.

Manage reagents, standards and other laboratory consumable lifecycles.

Restrict unauthorized access to patient data and comply with CAP/CLIA requirements.

Manage samples through their entire lifespan with end-to-end traceability.

Interface with most networkable instruments including liquid handling equipment.

View all your key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance.

Manage handling and processing of plates, gels & other arrays in high-throughput environments.

Manage the inventory of biological samples and quickly locate the samples.

Easy-to-use designer to model laboratory processes in the system.

On-demand reporting and data visualization using industry-standard tools.

Medical Suite

LabVantage Medical Suite is a pure HTML5-compliant, browser-based system with zero footprint. There are no client programs to install and maintain; no applets or plugins to be managed. This reduces IT maintenance costs as well as enables users to access laboratory information from any device. The LabVantage medical suite can be hosted anywhere

The software integrates fully with EMR, EHR and pathology systems, and meets HL7 standards established for patient care. Instrument maintenance and analyst certification are fully supported to satisfy industry regulations. Consent management for tissue procurement meets HIPAA requirements, and tissue acquisition and distribution comply with IRB-approved protocols.

LabVantage Medical Suite is a configurable off-the-shelf product. Installations can be modified for specific needs and still be upgraded as new versions are released. We are committed to maintaining the systems’ innovative edge with regular updates and ensuring it continues to provide industry-leading functionality.

One Suite for all medical lab disciplines

LabVantage Medical Suite manages operations in all testing areas of diagnostic labs, where efficiency, testing accuracy and quality control are of utmost importance.

The software meets the complex requirements of a modern microbiology laboratory. It provides a user-friendly and flexible solution for complete workflow and data management of all fields of infection medicine.

LabVantage Medical Suite’s pathology module provides advanced workflow management capabilities for histology, cytology, autopsies and clinical genetics.
In addition to this it also offers embedded storage management and tissue bank functionality, consent management, and versatile reporting tools with digital dictation and speech recognition adapted for pathology.

The blood bank module enables the safe and effective management of blood samples. The solution features everything blood banks require to manage blood from donor to patient, including solid traceability of blood products at every step of the process.

LabVantage Medical Suite meets the complex requirements of a modern genetic or molecular laboratory. It provides a user-friendly, efficient, and flexible solution for complete workflow, pre-analytical phase, testing phase, data management and diagnostic work. The system is designed to support complex workflows that can be automated and pre-defined. Users can also manually add steps and tests when needed. The system supports inquiries (Probands/Familial investigations), due dates, alerts and multiple approval steps.

The veterinary module integrates all medical laboratory disciplines within a single platform, enabling veterinarians and vet techs to meet their distinct needs and workflows. Functionalities are organized in work-centric tram stops with user/role-specific work lists and patient/animal-centered views. Tram stops are grouped in a tram line that displays the actual workflow within the laboratory.